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  • Are you sure your company's confidential data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands with your e-waste? Attero offers 100% digital data destruction for all assets, guaranteed! Request your ewaste pick up today!

  • RECYCLE Ewaste with Attero, NASA recognized technology innovator and India’s leading recycler

  • Attero is the only company in India with the capability to extract pure metals including gold, silver, copper and other rare earth metals from e-waste.

  • Attero has received numerous awards and recognition both internationally and nationally for its efforts to help manage e-waste in an eco-friendly manner.

  • Attero has been working actively to set up effective e-waste take back operations to collect e-waste from as many consumers as possible.

  • With a pan India reverse logistics network covering 500 cities in over 22 states, Attero has the capability to collect e-waste from any location across the country.

About Us

Attero, India's largest e-waste management company and NASA recognized technology innovator, has been spearheading efforts to tackle the e-waste issue through its 360 degree approach. Powered by patent pending disruptive technology, Attero is now the only Indian company and globally, one among seven with the capability to extract pure metals and rare earths from e-waste in an eco-friendly manner. Attero is also helping integrate the informal recycling sector and setting up an effective e-waste takeback program, through training and consumer e-waste collection/awareness events. As a global leader in the electronics asset management domain, Attero offers various services including customized solutions for end to end e-waste management, electronics asset recovery, data security and electronics reverse logistics along with repair, refurbishment and retailing of electronics.


CleanTech Innovation for Sustainable E-waste Management

At Attero, our aim is to leverage technology for social and environmental benefits. Attero has developed ground breaking disruptive technology, for processing and recovery of resources from end of life electronics in an environmentally responsible manner. This clean technology allows Attero to set up multiple low cost low capacity eco-friendly and high efficiency e-waste recycling resource recovery plants to facilitate proper disposal of e-waste. This solution offers a viable solution for proper e-waste management particularly in emerging economies, where most of the world's e-waste ends up and which lack the necessary resources and technology to set up multi-million dollar smelting plants for processing e-waste.


Attero - What We Offer

End to end, environmentally responsible e-waste recycling & resource recovery Compliant, secure and transparent services Cost-effective solutions for e-waste management DOD standard Data Destruction Powerful pan-India Reverse Logistics State-of-the-art E-Waste Management facility spread over 100,000 sq. feet


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